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We believe in delivering continuous value by providing your business with the software expertise and solutions that it requires to excel.

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What we do?

We are your technology advisor of choice.

Technology Landscape & Architecture

Providing you with a landscape view of your current systems that you have in your organisation, their function and any potential risks that may need to be mitigated in the future. If you have a new technology initiative, then we can also assist in the design and architecture.

Business Process Management

We often find that clients have very little visibility and control over their internal workflows for which we can offer guidance. Also, we find that many clients are following ineffective processes that need to be re-engineered.

Business Analytics & Insights

Many clients unknowingly sit on a gold mine of data that can help inform their future strategies and opportunities. We can help to unlock insights into your company that you never knew existed.

Commercial Software

We assist you with the selection and implementation of commercial software. We bring together the right panel of experts to customise each software package to your specific needs.

Software Development

Should you have a need for a bespoke software solution we assist with the end-to-end delivery. We pride ourselves on working with local vendors whose sole purpose is to provide you with a working software solution in production as quickly as possible.

Digital Strategy

While Mobile and Web Strategies are critical, we also help our clients explore with disruptive technologies such as wearables and other smart devices such as Internet of Things (IoT).

About Us

Established in 2014, we're a team of advisors that puts your business first.

Do The Right Thing

We always strive to do the right thing, our reputation is much more important to us than any short-term benefits.


We believe in going beyond what is expected of us, simply meeting the requirements isn't enough.

Giving Back

We want to leave the world a better place than what we found it, and we give back to our communities whenever we can.



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